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The National Technical Committee 255 on glass in building of Standardization Administration of China was established in March 2001 with the number of SAC / tc255 and the English name of National Technical Committee 255 on glass in building of Standardization Administration of China. The undertaking unit of the Secretariat is Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute, which is technically corresponding with ISO / TC 160. Tc255 has SC1 solar photovoltaic insulating glass sub committee, SC2 product research sub committee and SC3 application research sub committee. Members of the Committee come from state-owned and private enterprises, scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, testing and certification institutions and industry associations, representing the highest level of standardization work in the industry. The scope of work of the committee includes the production, processing and application of flat glass as raw materials in civil or industrial buildings. It has the functions of lighting, decoration, enclosure, structure, fire prevention, safety, heat preservation, energy conservation, sound insulation, dimming, photovoltaic power generation, etc., as well as multi-functional composite glass and its processed products, Representative building glass products generally refer to products with large production and consumption, such as flat glass, insulating glass, coated glass, tempered glass and laminated glass, and also include some glass products with special shape or function for building, such as solar photovoltaic glass, architectural decorative glass, U-shaped glass and hollow glass brick, The centralized standards include basic general standards, product standards, method standards, production procedures and other standards and other national and industrial standards. Since its establishment, the Standardization Committee has continuously strengthened the construction of the standard system. In 2013, the "12th Five Year Plan" technical standard system for the glass industry was formulated, and the "13th five year plan" technical standard system for the glass industry was formulated in 2016, and the industrial chain covering the production of glass products was constructed, including raw materials, products, production process, quality inspection, packaging, storage and transportation, processing and application, etc, With glass raw materials, flat glass products, safety glass products, energy-saving glass products and other processed glass products as the main line, a complete technical standard system framework covering all kinds of national and industrial standards, such as comprehensive general, products, methods, energy-saving, green manufacturing and safety production, has been established. Under the guidance of the standard system, the national standard for flat glass, national standard for coated glass, national standard for insulating glass, national standard for safety glass series for building, etc. have been formulated by the National Standard Committee for flat glass, national standard for coated glass, national standard for building safety glass series, etc., which provide important technical support for the technical progress and quality improvement of China's glass industry, Better promote and lead the healthy and sustainable development of glass industry.



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