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                    . This journal focuses on the new technology, new technology and new varieties of glass. This paper introduces the production, scientific research, design, teaching and other technical theoretical achievements, technological innovation, experience exchange and basic knowledge, and introduces domestic and foreign scientific and technological information and production trends.

Glass, a national science and Technology Journal of building materials, was founded in 1974. It was approved by the Ministry of science and Technology (formerly the State Science and Technology Commission) and registered with the State Press and publication administration. It was sponsored by Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. The national serial number is cn13-1106 / TQ, and the international serial number is issn1003-1987. This journal has special topics, research and development, glass deep processing, policies and regulations, technical exchanges, production experience, energy conservation and environmental protection, etc. It mainly reports the new technologies, new processes, new products, business management, policies, domestic and foreign science and technology trends, academic discussions, etc. of architectural glass and related glass deep processing and decoration glass. Since 2008, the journal has been changed from bimonthly to monthly. It is published on the 25th of each month. It has 12 issues throughout the year, with 16 size and 64 pages.

    this journal has a fixed readership. The main subscribers are domestic libraries, materials departments of universities, glass research and design institutes, all float glass and various glass processing plants in China. It is a necessary reading material for glass and related professionals.

Warmly welcome all companies and manufacturers at home and abroad to publish advertisements in glass, and welcome readers to contribute and subscribe.

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Welcome to the 2021 glass magazine (monthly)

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