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Electrical automation engineering company was established in 2001, affiliated to Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. Electrical automation engineering company has strong technical strength, good team spirit and competitiveness. There are 25 electrical design engineers and automation system development and debugging Engineers (including 9 professorial senior engineers, 8 senior engineers, 4 engineers and 4 assistant engineers).

Electrical automation engineering company is specialized in electrical design of glass production line, development and integration of production process automation system, engineering contracting and related technical services, which can provide high-quality engineering design and advanced production process control technology for glass production line.

(the company also has an electrical processing plant, with nearly 20 workers and management personnel, which can undertake complete electrical projects.)

Main business and technology:

Conventional electrical design and equipment

10kV and below industrial and civil electrical design

Waste heat power generation technology of glass furnace flue gas

Our company is specialized in technical development, system integration, engineering design, consulting and general contracting of waste heat power generation project of glass furnace. Our company has provided low-temperature waste heat power generation system for 21 large-scale glass kilns at home and abroad, and achieved great success in waste heat utilization in glass industry. With years of continuous innovation and rich project management experience, we should reasonably select different thermal systems and technical processes to ensure the best combination of waste heat utilization and industrial production, provide customers with the best cost-effective waste heat utilization technical scheme, and realize the maximization of waste heat utilization.

Mature thermal control equipment and technology

High quality integrated process control system

Energy saving expert software for commutation process

Proportional optimization combustion control technology

Combustion control technology of petroleum coke powder

Multi fuel mixed combustion control technology

Technical service and training of thermal control

Proprietary control technology to match large scale furnace

DSC system integration and configuration

(keep good cooperation with many DCS suppliers, such as abb, fisher-rosemount, Siemens, etc.)

Help partners solve control problems, provide application software and preliminary plan

Advanced digital cold end production control technology

Full digital network control system, the perfect combination of equipment and control, seamless control

High efficiency, reliable, reasonable and economical transmission control scheme can reduce cost and ensure quality

Advanced data flow tracking algorithm to achieve accurate tracking of product information

Group, single, double, three plate, four plate, multi plate transport tracking

According to the specification and grade classification, it can adapt to the diversified production of production line

The method of automatic split and double channel shunt is suitable for ultra-thin and ultra-small products

Fault self diagnosis and self elimination technology

Long term data record, equipment alarm image database, trace production situation at any time

Perfect friendly, concise and efficient man-machine interface, easy to operate

Undertake the turn key project of cold end control system


1. The first unit to develop "cold end control technology" in China;

2. Obtained the national patent (Patent No. "97413009") in 1997

3. Won the second prize of science and technology progress award of National Building Materials Bureau in 1998

4. Won the third prize of national science and Technology Progress Award in 1999

5. The project "development of new intelligent integrated online cold end automatic control system for float glass" won the first prize of development category of "Southern Cement Cup" technological innovation award of China Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. in 2012;

6. The project "development of new intelligent integrated online cold end automatic control system for float glass" won the first prize of development category of national building materials industry technological innovation award of "Beixin building materials Cup" in 2013

7. "New intelligent cold end equipment for float glass" won the 2015 Hebei Industrial Design Gold Award

Integration of energy management system, MES, EMS, PWA, etc

Industry 4.0 standard

Digital network integration

Global management of production data

The open system architecture covers the whole production process

Highly consistent data management, global standards and unified interface

Shorten the engineering configuration time, reduce the cost, speed up the product production process, and improve the production flexibility.


1. "Energy management system of float glass enterprise" won the first prize of development category of "Kaisheng Cup" technology innovation award of China Building Materials Group in 2015

2. "Float glass enterprise energy management system" won the second prize of "Hongyu Cup" national building materials industry technology innovation award in 2015

Factory visual equipment

Industrial TV with endoscope and endoscope

Image level gauge

Plate width flow control system

Splicing large screen display system

Multi channel high-speed video signal, embedded hardware splicing technology, multi frequency image processing technology, signal switching technology, heat loss prevention technology

Qinhuangdao Glass Industry Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd

Electrical automation engineering company
Contact person: Liu Xinjun
Tel: (0335) 5917605
thirteen billion nine hundred and thirty-three million five hundred and sixty-one thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven

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