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A series of lectures in the lecture hall of our college
Release time [2021-04-07]

A series of lectures in the lecture hall of our college three month thirty-one On the morning of the first lecture, the hospital leadership, department heads and staff forty Others attended the training.

Wang Jian, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the CPC, made an opening speech, pointing out that internal training, as an important measure to strengthen the construction of human resources team, is the basic work to improve the professional quality of employees and help the steady development of enterprises. We hope that all staff of the hospital can pass the "Lecture series" strengthens the dedication to work and career, sets up the overall situation concept, adjusts the personal development direction in time with the strategic change of the hospital, and creates an agile team on this basis, presenting a new situation and new atmosphere of management, scientific research and research in the whole hospital.


Chen Shuangqi, chief engineer of the Institute, gave you the first lecture ——"Key areas of management under the new situation". Based on his personal experience in practice, Chen Shuangqi analyzed the situation and industry trends of our hospital, and at the same time, he took the historical lessons and the party history education as the breakthrough point, and made a vivid and profound exposition from four aspects: formulating development strategy, improving innovation consciousness, paying attention to personnel training and strengthening legal concept. It is hoped that the management personnel will grasp the overall situation, clarify the direction, and manage and build their own team well on the basis of doing well in the above four key areas.


As an important part of our internal training and a long-term activity, lecture series in the lecture hall will continue to invite professional leaders and industry experts to hold special lectures on a regular basis to provide a platform for learning and exchange.


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