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Lecture series of science and technology lecture hall: photovoltaic solar glass
Release time [2021-04-09]

In recent two years In recent years, the photovoltaic industry has entered a period of prosperity, and the most recent engineering design projects of our institute are photovoltaic glass production lines. On April 2, song Weigang, director of the Institute of technology, held a popular science lecture on the topic of "photovoltaic solar glass" in the science and technology lecture hall of our college, aiming to make the majority of employees including technicians have a whole understanding of photovoltaic calendered glass.


     The report is divided into four aspects: solar photovoltaic technology, types of photovoltaic glass, photovoltaic calendered glass production line and application of photovoltaic glass. It focuses on the key technologies of raw glass and deep-processing glass production process closely related to the work of our institute, and explains the general situation of the industry chain, industry prospects and emerging fields. After the lecture, the participants discussed the hot issues, development trends, important technical indicators and other issues, and achieved the goal of learning from others and teaching from each other.


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