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The Youth League Committee of our hospital participated in the theme League Day activity and Story Sharing meeting of "always follow the party to strive for a new journey"
Release time [2021-04-20]

On April 15, Youth representatives of Youth League members in our college Together with their brother units, the four people participated in the activity of the theme League Day of "always following the party on a new journey of struggle".

At three o'clock in the morning, everyone left for Tiananmen Square to watch the flag raising ceremony. As the sky gets brighter and the streetlights go out, a group of soldiers of the national flag guard team in neat lines come out from the front gate of Tiananmen Gate in the morning sun. The Youth League members, together with nearly 10000 people, watched the national flag rise with the rising sun in the solemn national anthem.


After the flag raising ceremony, everyone arrived Visit the National Museum "Road to revival" exhibition. With reverence, from history to history, the Youth League members follow the footsteps of their predecessors, pick up the local elements of national culture, and absorb cultural knowledge and power from the long-standing spiritual home.


In the afternoon of that day, as the spokesperson of poverty alleviation, representatives of our hospital participated in the story sharing meeting of the general hospital. Speaking with Poverty alleviation Road, Shitai situation ——In this paper, the author reviews the moving course of Cao Chungang, a poverty alleviation cadre in our hospital, who led the villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich in more than one year, from four aspects: the transformation of thought and ability, self-reliance to get rid of poverty, parallel of environmental protection and poverty alleviation, and keeping in mind the original mission.


On July 1, we will usher in the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The general secretary called on all of you to "learn the history of the party, understand the thought, do practical work and open a new situation". As the vanguard of the times and the main force of the young staff and workers, the Youth League members of our college will continue to play a leading role in the study of party history.


This year, on the basis of continuous ideological education, the Youth League Committee of the Academy guided the Youth League members to absorb growth nutrition in the study of party history, gain spiritual strength, firm ideals and beliefs, and shoulder the important task of the times. The Communist Youth League Committee takes the party history knowledge education as the key work to make the Youth League members Accept the profound education of party spirit, keep in mind the sense of responsibility and mission, and build the party A satisfactory answer sheet will be handed over for the 100th anniversary.

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