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Glass magazine successfully completed the seventh editorial board change
Release time [2021-05-12]

On May 7, the 7th founding meeting of the editorial board of glass magazine, sponsored by our institute, was held in Shanghai. More than 50 experts and scholars from glass industry association, domestic large and medium-sized glass backbone enterprises, deep processing and supporting enterprises, scientific research and design institutions and colleges and universities attended the meeting.

Wang Jian, Secretary of the Party committee and President of the Academy, gave a welcome speech. She first affirmed the achievements of the Sixth Editorial Board and put forward expectations for the new editorial board. She said: Glass magazine should, as always, practice its internal skills well, expand its thinking, become more refined and stronger, and strive to achieve the first-class domestic journal. Please continue to care and support the journal and enhance its influence in the industry.

Liu Chengxiong, vice president and vice president of glass magazine, introduced the formation process of the new editorial board members and read out the list of members of the editorial board; Chen Shuangqi, chief engineer of the Institute and President of the magazine, presented the appointment letter to the members of the new editorial board.

The industry experts and leaders attending the meeting had a warm exchange and Discussion on the current situation of the industry, the development plan of the 14th five year plan, the purpose of the magazine and the direction of running the magazine, and put forward guiding suggestions for the future development of the industry and the magazine.

After the meeting, Professor Jiang Hong of Hainan University, Professor Liu Qiying of China Glass Holding Co., Ltd., Professor Yang Guohong of Rainbow Group Co., Ltd., and Xie Yonggang, chief engineer of Henan ruitaike Industrial Group Co., Ltd., had technical exchanges.



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